Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport review - 0-60mph & brake tested!💥

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This is the most hardcore Bugatti you can buy… Introducing the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport!

Now to the untrained eye you may think the Pur Sport looks almost identical to a Chiron Super Sport. And sure, it does look pretty similar, but we can assure you there are a number of changes that help make this the most hardcore Bugatti yet!

For starters, it’s had the weight reduced by 50kg. It’s also had the suspension stiffened, and a new fixed-wing added to the rear to help with downforce. The inside looks almost identical, although you will find a pair of reduced weight sport seats.

As for the engine, well naturally it’s powered by the same 8-litre quad-turbo W16 as found in the Super Sport, and it still produced the same incredible 1,500hp & 1,600Nm. However, the red line limit has been raised, and it has 15% shorter gear ratios, meaning it can go from 60kph to normal 120kph 2 seconds quicker than the standard Chiron!

So, is this the must-have Bugatti?! You’ll have to watch Mat’s all-new review to find out!

00:00 Intro
00:37 Engine
01:17 Brakes
01:58 Exterior Design
02:46 Interior
03:48 Suspension
04:29 5 Annoying Things
05:37 5 Good Things
07:21 Driving
10:05 0-60mph
11:45 Verdict

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  2. Malte Spielt

    Malte Spielt12 أيام قبل

    You guys really need to invest in better cameras. 6 mil subs, driving a bugatti,but the car cam while driving looks like poo lol

  3. Derek Lowe

    Derek Lowe15 أيام قبل

    Someone actually please buy Mat this Chiron - he deserves it for all his hard work on this channel (I'm looking at YOU Yianni)

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    Omed ____5____17 أيام قبل

    can you review (chrysler 300s)

  5. Oliver Harris

    Oliver Harris17 أيام قبل

    Mat is the best thing that’s happened to car reviews since clarkson . He’s a breathe of fresh air and hilarious. Love him as we all do . His mother is also very sweet

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    Bill Kerr17 أيام قبل

    I hope you get a chance to drive the 1,111hp Lucid Air. I don't know if any of them are heading to the UK.

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    Thank you, just what I need before I order one, I was deciding between this or the sandaro

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    Mueenudeen10 أيام قبل

    @Kgothatso Nyanto we have the kwid in south africa so I wasn't familiar with the name thanks

  9. Mueenudeen

    Mueenudeen10 أيام قبل

    @Superfit CS we have Renault kwid in south africa I wasn't familiar with the name

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  13. z

    z21 أيام قبل

    Bugatti has done a fantastic job with the exterior and interior, as well as the color scheme and sound.

  14. guacsock

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    @ΛCE jealous of what? The subs he bought?

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    Bugatti - AS IT SHOULD BE

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    I guess the color scheme was on the buyer😂but apart from that Bugatti killed it as usual!

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    The Insects will love it in the summer.

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    I was having a bit of a hard time deciding which one to go for, this one or the mazda mx5, your review convinced me, ever so thankful Mat !

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    If an owner of this actually drives this on a track that person is a LEGEND 🙌

  24. RadioactiveDeathstalker

    RadioactiveDeathstalker21 أيام قبل

    As Jeremy Clarkson said it so nicely: "There are no straights in a Chiron, you get to the corner pretty much immediately"

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    And rubbing/scratching his neck with their expensive key

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    Just thank Rimac because they now own Bugatti

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    @thomas GEORGE its part of being a content creator. U have to be creative and make people entertained.

  31. Chris

    Chris20 أيام قبل

    Having watched so many high performance vehicle reviews on this channel, this is the first time I truly feel the power and the speed of the car through my phone.

  32. JezzaN1

    JezzaN121 أيام قبل

    Hearing it rev was one of the most visceral noises i've heard come out of a car - legitimately sounded like a lion roaring (with additional induction noises). Beautiful.

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    One of the few channels left out there than feel natural in car reviews! Mat hasn’t changed and is himself with the stick of truth as his decider

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    Really great job Bugatti. Love the exterior and interior, great colour combination and that sound. Brilliant growl

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    Im really interested in 100-200 km/h times. That’s where the shorter gearing will have an effect

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    Thanks for the recommendation, Matt. I am going to go right ahead and buy it.

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    gandalfkenobi00721 أيام قبل

    Love this car so much. THANK YOU for all your reviews that also include cars like this!! Could never get this up close and personal to one myself, possibly never even see one.

  45. Joey Delgado

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    Great review. 0-60 would've probably improved a few more ticks as the tires warmed up even more. Additionally, quarter mile times/speed would have been nice.

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    @Vince considering the base Chiron runs 9.40s at almost 160 I'd say you're off by a full second. This car is possibly a 8.99 under ideal conditions w a prepped track.

  50. Alejandro Noriega

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    @Purwanti Allan Nah, the fastest 1/4 mile is 3.58s at 386mph (more than 600km/h) and the car it's not the one you said

  51. Kevdog

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    All the upgrades are 🔥🔥 love that colour and ridiculous rear wing

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    Mehtab Hussain19 أيام قبل

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  105. RF Meex

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    @BeyerT1 You're dead wrong saying that; "it's irrelevant", mate. The brake test shows the maximum grip/force the tire+brake combination has without spinning. And you can see how bad the chiron actually is at both braking and launching/accelerating when you look at the other drag races where they go way over the 100km/h mark, for example look at the F1 vs Bugatti and the F1 vs Porsche/Lambo. It loses to all of them (super/sport cars), whether they accelerate or brake (cornering isn't tested, but I can assure you, it loses there too). Not just that, they're able to repeatedly/continuously brake too.

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    That's because the 100 km/h brake test is irrelevant for the braking performance, just like the 0-100 km/h acceleration is irrelevant and doesn't say all there is to say about how the car accelerates, and both are tire/grip limited. Even a family sedan will stop in about 33 meters today from 100 km/h, but try braking in it from 200 km/h and see how it stops compared to supercars then. Or try braking hard with it over and over again and see how the braking performance will degrade compared to how a supercar will continue braking hard for a long time. I remember in 2001 the new Renault Laguna was boasting all kinds of safety features, like the first car to get 5 stars on euroNcap crash tests and it also boasted about having the best brakes, it stopped from 100 km/h in 37 meters, which was mindblowing back then, when even cars like the BMW M3 (which was similar size/weight) stopped in about 42-43 meters. In fact Renault boasted that it stopped from 130 km/h in the same distance as a Porsche 911 Turbo did. However, if you drove that Renault hard on twisty roads (and I did), you'd quickly realize that brakes would overheat very soon and the pedal would go soft. So stopping hard once is not a problem, it's a problem to stop hard multiple times in a row.

  109. Muhd Zafri

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    I always knew that, did you? Knew what? That 0-60 mph advertised times are not necessarily false but are definitely faster than you and I will do in that very-same, brand new car. You see, the advertised 0-60 mph time for this vehicle was done by a pro race car driver that works for Bugatti, on a professional 1/4 mile track or on a full race track. This Bugatti pro race car driver knows exactly how hot the tires should be, what type of tires they should be using, etc.. This particular Bugatti Chiron was also tuned by Professional Bugatti Mechanics. No tricks though (I'd hope), just masterful tuning from the people that made this car. The result (usually) will be a slightly faster time vs the one you can post. But 2.6 is still very impressive. I still see no false advertising with the 0-60 time however.

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  134. Freddie Jones

    Freddie Jones20 أيام قبل

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