BMW's M division has produced some truly iconic performance cars. Since the BMW M1 made its draw-dropping debut in 1978, a range of bahn-stormers have since made an appearance - each more powerful than the model that came before. I've rounded up four of M Sport's most recent hits - the M2, M4, M5 30 Jahre and M6 - to find out which is the fastest across both a 1/4 mile and a rolling race. BMW fans: place your bets!

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  1. carwow

    carwow4 سنوات قبل

    To watch that drag race in an all-round 360-degree view, click here --->

  2. sonnyblack0870

    sonnyblack08703 أشهر قبل

    @simba00784 I picked one up as well and love it also, still has a lot of presence on the road. Btw I don’t know what happened in this drag race but all these M cars were timed slower than normal. Also the M6 should beat the M5 as it’s actually lighter despite Carwow stating otherwise.

  3. Rookie sw

    Rookie sw3 أشهر قبل

    Hey carwow can you please do a drag race including the bmw 225xe i wanna see how our family car would perform......

  4. Pitso MOLEFE

    Pitso MOLEFE4 أشهر قبل

    @YurixRuz This race needs to be done again

  5. simba00784

    simba007849 أشهر قبل

    I just picked up a 2014 m6 with 13k miles gor $45k. Absolute deal , I love it

  6. عبود متنوعة

    عبود متنوعة10 أشهر قبل

  7. NA

    NA2 سنوات قبل

    The fastest thing in this race is the M6 depreciation

  8. Richard's World Traveler

    Richard's World Traveler8 أيام قبل

    Facts. Just wait a few years and it will be half price.

  9. Lus S

    Lus S10 أيام قبل

    Not really these M cars hold their value if their kept in good shape especially with the EV transition in the future.

  10. acamura80

    acamura80أشهر قبل

    Best comment everrr!

  11. Michael

    Michaelأشهر قبل


  12. Jay Paulino

    Jay Paulino2 أشهر قبل

    us M6 owners find that joke very offensive lol

  13. Toto Wolff's Table

    Toto Wolff's Table2 سنوات قبل

    M3: yo guys im ready for the race M2,4,5,6: yo that was yesterday man

  14. C I

    C I3 أشهر قبل

    @80s Music 1M

  15. Milind Dixit

    Milind Dixit6 أشهر قبل

    @Anthony Wright Jaja. ;)

  16. Anthony Wright

    Anthony Wright6 أشهر قبل

    @Milind Dixit it was sarcasm...

  17. Milind Dixit

    Milind Dixit6 أشهر قبل

    @Anthony Wright It's a Spanish thing (at least that's where I've seen it) but jajajaja means hahahaha.

  18. Jordan Dinehart

    Jordan Dinehart9 أشهر قبل

    to be fair the M4 is pretty much the M3 just with 2 doors so it would've been pointless

  19. Ayham Bittar

    Ayham Bittar2 سنوات قبل

    The m4 is the perfect balance between hp, torque and lightness

  20. Nicholas Massey

    Nicholas Massey3 أشهر قبل

    @Thabo Mashego If you like cars that used to be quality but are now cheap....unless you have to fix it!

  21. Liyema Besengile

    Liyema Besengile4 أشهر قبل

    The M4 does weigh 1535kg vs the M5 weighing over 1825kg

  22. Ishak Sebi

    Ishak Sebi8 أشهر قبل

    @Kota Decent price? U know how much it cost in our country? The M2 itself is a luxury to us. M4 costs like Rs 1.4 cr!!!

  23. Dababy trunk

    Dababy trunk9 أشهر قبل

    @Aaron P same with AMG cars lol

  24. Aaron P

    Aaron Pسنوات قبل

    @Thabo Mashego yes i agree. M cars are like all the same damn thing lol

  25. Crunkus

    Crunkus10 أشهر قبل

    Back when videos didn't have an intro that take up half the video

  26. Jackazz Plays

    Jackazz Playsأشهر قبل


  27. Crunkus

    Crunkus9 أشهر قبل

    @13432 2dkti3 yep😔

  28. Vehicle Virals

    Vehicle Virals4 سنوات قبل

    There is just something about the m2 that makes it enjoyable to drive. The feeling of driving manually especially on a modern vehicle is untouchable unless of course you're racing it. But I do miss the days where more cars came in stick shift

  29. Daniel

    Daniel9 أيام قبل

    fr i really wish they made more stick shift 3 series or 4 series not just the top of the line cars it would be so nice to be able to do drive them

  30. pokiou

    pokiou2 سنوات قبل

    It's like the M2 knew it was winning and just decided.. OH NO I CANT WIN... big bro will beat me up.

  31. Simon Bøttger

    Simon Bøttger2 سنوات قبل

    pokiou trueeeee

  32. Tyler Smith

    Tyler Smith2 سنوات قبل

    That M4 is gorgeous

  33. Chris McLaughlin

    Chris McLaughlin2 سنوات قبل

    Car with the least power gets the manual....should’ve added a couple passengers too lol

  34. OVOGoon

    OVOGoon5 أشهر قبل

    @Achille Austin nice coping lol a manual will never be as fast as current autos

  35. Archie Macmurchy

    Archie Macmurchy6 أشهر قبل

    @Achille Austin no where near as fast maybe over a decade ago but now autos are faster off the line and in rolls

  36. TTAMC C.

    TTAMC C.7 أشهر قبل

    @César G nah regular autos are still fast

  37. Spirited Driver

    Spirited Driver8 أشهر قبل

    @EpicPhenomenon Its highly tunable to higher HP than the stock M5.

  38. Matt Samuels

    Matt Samuels11 أشهر قبل

    @Achille Austin 🤣🥱😴

  39. Traction Control Delete

    Traction Control Delete11 أشهر قبل

    Love the angles they used for this video. Captures the speed of the cars really well

  40. David Callow

    David Callow2 سنوات قبل

    Funny thing is that the M2 is proven to be faster around a race track due to its better handling. And the manual M2 has been seen to do a quicker 0-100 than that.

  41. Jean Katana

    Jean Katana2 سنوات قبل

    M4 is 35 Kg lighter than M2, crazy!

  42. Aldin M

    Aldin M10 أشهر قبل


  43. scrubbyfingerz 335

    scrubbyfingerz 33510 أشهر قبل

    @Stefan oke viel spaß beim forza spielen. Bye✌️

  44. scrubbyfingerz 335

    scrubbyfingerz 33510 أشهر قبل

    @Stefan ich bin null arrogant , du kennst mich ja garnicht

  45. scrubbyfingerz 335

    scrubbyfingerz 33510 أشهر قبل

    @Stefan der m2 Competition hat den selben motor wie der m4 Competition. Deswegen bin ich mit m4 gekommen. In deiner Welt gibt es nur N55 weil du dir nichts besseres leisten kannst;)

  46. scrubbyfingerz 335

    scrubbyfingerz 33510 أشهر قبل

    @Stefan cp hab ich als Abkürzung genommen. Das du das nicht verstehst ist nicht meine Schuld. Dazu möchte ich noch hinweisen das der M4 bis mitte 2018 kein OPF verbaut hat. Und wenn man da eine Original M-Performance Abgasanlage bekommen hat Darf man sie Legal fahren :)) Wenn du mir nicht glaubst Lass uns treffen Ich fahr ein m4 COMPETITION mit knapp 600PS Und in der Stadt bekannt für den lautesten und einer der besten Sounds. Also komm du mal mit dein N55 Und zeig mir wo der Hammer hängt 😂✌️

  47. Caffeinated DaVinci

    Caffeinated DaVinci11 أشهر قبل

    Regardless of the results, I'd still take an M2 over any of the others. The styling on that car is just unbeatable

  48. Brian Markavitz

    Brian Markavitz4 ساعات قبل

    There isn't another channel that does what you good as you do. Thank you for creating this channel and giving us a place to take a break from the world and dream, Matt. Everyone involved with CarWow is appreciated.

  49. Patato Chips

    Patato Chipsسنوات قبل

    Mat, You should do some drifting with the M2 manual, show us how it’s done and the correct way to do it :)

  50. Cars n Tech

    Cars n Tech2 سنوات قبل

    The M4 is definitely one quick car from a standing start, although not so quick from 50mph. A very interesting comparison across the BMW M range.

  51. Scott Weeks

    Scott Weeks2 سنوات قبل

    I bought an M2 manual after seeing this and with a remap and intercooler it’s making 425- perfect match for an m3/4 competition in the real world!

  52. Chase Aspinall

    Chase Aspinall3 سنوات قبل

    The man who launched that m4 knows what he's doing, none of the crazy wheel spin u usually see

  53. Burak Cherry

    Burak Cherry2 سنوات قبل

    They’re all great cars. But I would go with the M1 Coupé❤️ although it’s not the fastest of them.

  54. J .Leacock

    J .Leacock3 سنوات قبل

    I love this channel, the only issue I see with most of these drag races are, your racing under powered cars with manual against other cars with more power with DCT or Automatic transmission. The outcome will mostly be the same, unless the manual car or cars has just about the same BHP or more. If you going to drag race please use Automatic transmission against Automatic or even DCT against Automatic. At least the drag races will be closer. Thank you hope consider my comments.

  55. Mr skyserious

    Mr skyserious3 سنوات قبل


  56. Truu

    Truu3 سنوات قبل

    J .Leacock FACTS

  57. Mehrdad Mahmoudi

    Mehrdad Mahmoudi2 سنوات قبل

    The only surprise was M4 beating the M5.

  58. Peter Hammer

    Peter Hammerسنوات قبل

    @david wade well if something is trash its the F10 M5 and M6 generation. Hopeless cars to drive fast around corners. I have driven all M3 and M5 models apart from E28 and the F10 is the worst of all. Sound is far better on an comp M4 than equivalent M5

  59. Graeme Clayton

    Graeme Claytonسنوات قبل

    @david wade the m5 & m6 have trouble getting their power down of the line but thats why it had to be a 1/4 mile, they would've demolished them in a 1/2 mile or full mile race (which in my opinion are more fun anyway), also id like to see and m4 driver pile in 4 of his mates and luggage and go on a trip, i know which id rather own

  60. david wade

    david wadeسنوات قبل

    @Medicine Man nope just FACTS

  61. Medicine Man

    Medicine Manسنوات قبل

    @david wade you crazy

  62. david wade

    david wadeسنوات قبل

    @C N when it comes to sound and looks M4 is trash and overpriced

  63. Suhail Jamil

    Suhail Jamil2 سنوات قبل

    I wanted to buy an M car and did extensive research for 6 months!! I settled for.... M4 competition pack with full M performance carbon fibre kit. Absolutely incredible and don't regret it one bit. All things considered it is the best M car. Im not surprised it beat the M6 as its so fast and it sounds absolutely incredible with its cracking playful sports exhaust. Love it to bits.

  64. Nathaniel Edmund

    Nathaniel Edmund4 سنوات قبل

    I like the M5 personally - great engine.

  65. archimedes

    archimedesأيام قبل


  66. 17_Jäger

    17_Jäger17 أيام قبل

    Any carguys here that know which of all the bmw has the best weight and possible modded hp ratio?

  67. AstroMagic

    AstroMagic3 سنوات قبل

    E60 m5. My dream car. The low mileage ones will be collector cars one day. The car is so unreliable but so worth it to any owner I've talked to.

  68. ChaosZombie999

    ChaosZombie9993 سنوات قبل

    Yami Yu where did you get headlights from?

  69. Nathaniel Chapman

    Nathaniel Chapman3 سنوات قبل

    Nathaniel Edmund fuck you I'm the only Nathaniel get it got it good

  70. Quinton Nkoane

    Quinton Nkoane2 سنوات قبل

    M2 had a weight advantage but suffered from a power deficiency. Most noticeable forn 3rd gear

  71. Skelly Photography

    Skelly Photography10 أشهر قبل

    Carwow hasn't really changed in the past 3 years, I actually really like some footage in this video.

  72. Appie Happie

    Appie Happie2 سنوات قبل

    I think the M2 is the most fun to drive on winding roads.

  73. Luke Strauchman

    Luke Strauchman2 سنوات قبل

    M6 should have had a way better start (All depends on the driver)

  74. M P

    M Pسنوات قبل

    I freaking love your videos bro, they’re great.

  75. Jurassic Matt

    Jurassic Matt2 سنوات قبل

    But the M2 was pretty much the quickest up to 70mph. Anything else is illegal so.....

  76. AceTuningOutdoors

    AceTuningOutdoors6 أشهر قبل

    M2 comp with a 6speed manual would be interesting to see in this race

  77. Mr Miyagi

    Mr Miyagi3 سنوات قبل

    All depends on weight and frontal drag coefficient, as well as driving skill

  78. Windows 7Pro2009

    Windows 7Pro20092 سنوات قبل

    carwow: Tests BMW M2, M4, M5 and M6 BMW M3: Am I joke to you all?

  79. Matthew M

    Matthew M11 أشهر قبل

    Yeah M3 and M4 (F80/F82) Are identical in all except the extra doors and shape boot. Draggging them would just show margin of error.

  80. Talib Al-Faris

    Talib Al-Farisسنوات قبل

    @Terry Clark so is the m6 and m5 bruuh

  81. LE 11

    LE 11سنوات قبل

    1 series M

  82. Dario AD

    Dario ADسنوات قبل

    And m8

  83. Max Lombardo

    Max Lombardo2 سنوات قبل

    Jack Carl Productions You’re right. It’s also sad they didn’t have every color option for the cars out there. Just cause they’re the same car doesn’t mean they’re the same after all....

  84. Guni Dio Hannes

    Guni Dio Hannesسنوات قبل

    Wow, m2 CS improved so much compared to the m2

  85. Chris Munsey

    Chris Munsey2 سنوات قبل

    It may be slower in a straight line but I guarantee you that M2 will walk away from those other cars on a twisty backroad!!

  86. MotorKings

    MotorKings2 سنوات قبل

    He timed the M2’s 0-60 as 5.2 seconds but timed the M4’s as 4.1 even though the M4 should do it in 4.4 and an M2 in 4-4.3 depending on transmission. Also it wasn’t a fair race because the M2 was manual which is slower than the DCT

  87. Taef Dewan

    Taef Dewan4 سنوات قبل

    BMW needs to update the M6 ASAP

  88. sharmini bavaneethan

    sharmini bavaneethan2 سنوات قبل

    @KBow the m1 does not look like the m2

  89. Lizy Susan John

    Lizy Susan John2 سنوات قبل

    M6 competition s got 600hp and 200mph+ top speed i.e. as fast as an m5 competition

  90. vladv

    vladv2 سنوات قبل

    they already, but it’s m8

  91. Todestuete

    Todestuete3 سنوات قبل

    @MrDrunkenMoose They share the platform.. that doesn't mean anything. Every big car manufacturer has one or a few very flexible base platforms now to fasten and cheapen the development process of new models. That's why 2 cars can be based on the same platform and still be very different.


    BLACK BIMMER3 سنوات قبل

    Taef Dewan 1 year later it’s almost time for the M8 less weight than M6 and a overall boost 40-60HP more not including the competition on both the M8 or F13 M6. M8 isn’t the successor to the M6. For the time being the M6 will rest and will get a 911 competitor when revived again. For now it’s like the 90s when BMW canceled the 6 series E24 and moved on to the 8 series E31. That’s how we are living right now.

  93. Mathew Jenkins

    Mathew Jenkinsسنوات قبل

    Seriously guys, I own/drive a 2016 M6 cabrio and my wife drives a 2012 M3 cabrio - we love the roof down. Bought the M6 from BMW used with 30k miles and the M3 BMW used with 20k miles (I also have a 2018 Wildtrack 4x4 when it's crap weather) the M6 feels like sitting in a 60ft Sunseeker, stunning cabin, extended leather everywhere you look - and a sound of thunder from the twin turbo V8 when you want to die, must say launching it on 2 wheels (dry only - wet = don't bother) you need to have the suspension on comfort settings as Sp1/Sp2 make it bounce too much! The M3 is like a 25ft sport boat, rapid turns, well balanced, but a bit small, cramped and lacking in pure luxury, and on a long straight - the 60ft missile will glide past, while enjoying a massage and chilled drinks - and a huge luggage capacity with the roof down. Horses for courses - I love them both, the M3 is a cracking roller skate round corners, the M6 is a ballistic missile with 2 tons of leather and luxury, don't measure the 'M' cars together - M1 to M6 they are £50k apart when new, the M8 now makes that 100K apart...they all are designed to take on competitors for your money. If you ask me where I prefer to be when driving, I'd say the M6 as it's just stunning to look at, rare, and mad - there's a lot more M3's and M4's.... used value = M6 just 1st class travel. Buy one 2nd hand and watch the people look - even when you park it.

  94. Anthony Belperio

    Anthony Belperio2 سنوات قبل

    I'd still take the M2 in a heartbeat - especially the M2 Competition

  95. Ruxl21

    Ruxl212 سنوات قبل

    Damn my m340xi does quarter in 12, and 11.4 with my jb4, this car is so fast ♥

  96. Kovacs

    Kovacs2 سنوات قبل

    You should try one more with the whole line up. The M2c, M4c, M5c, M6 and the M8. That would be epic and cool

  97. Tsholohelo Jr Kea Gaelejwe

    Tsholohelo Jr Kea Gaelejwe2 سنوات قبل

    itG Ma all DCT

  98. N M

    N M2 سنوات قبل

    The M4 is just amazing in every way, definitely my favorite BMW (this is coming from an AMG fan)

  99. JME R

    JME R2 سنوات قبل

    Should have had ALL the M's available for this one and put them in sequential order

  100. Johnny Hohenzollern

    Johnny Hohenzollern3 سنوات قبل

    I have no idea why the M5 is too slow in the video, it was the most powerful and the fastest road legal M-car that Bimmer has ever produced until the all new AWD M5 was introduced.

  101. The Negotiator

    The Negotiator2 سنوات قبل

    Imagine if the m2 competition was used instead of the m2

  102. Sine Nomine

    Sine Nomineسنوات قبل

    There is no perceptible difference. (owned both)

  103. Drakelar

    Drakelarسنوات قبل

    Imagine if they used all competitions. M5 would win ezpz

  104. Thavisup Thanitapirom

    Thavisup Thanitapirom4 سنوات قبل

    The M4 looks wicked.

  105. Liyema Besengile

    Liyema Besengile4 أشهر قبل

    @ARstart man Swagroy21 the M2 competition gets the engine from the M4

  106. YouTube man Swagroy21

    YouTube man Swagroy214 أشهر قبل

    @Liyema Besengile doesn't it have the same moter

  107. Liyema Besengile

    Liyema Besengile4 أشهر قبل

    @ARstart man Swagroy21 Get the M2 competition pack

  108. YouTube man Swagroy21

    YouTube man Swagroy213 سنوات قبل

    But sounds wickedly horrible sadly

  109. L A

    L A3 سنوات قبل

    Thavisup T, where do you live? And how much do they cost?

  110. Alofzico

    Alofzico2 سنوات قبل

    Get on a B Road and i bet the M2 takes the lead. I find the M2's look pretty livable. Very unlike the rest in the pack.

  111. Francisco Barajas

    Francisco Barajasسنوات قبل

    Once upon a time, Mat Watson found the way to make a BMW look good... another BMW

  112. Mr Who Annon

    Mr Who Annon2 سنوات قبل

    4 series and 8 series are the sexiest series’s of BMW’s

  113. CarWow ქართული ვერსია

    CarWow ქართული ვერსია10 أشهر قبل


  114. Xan Lam

    Xan Lamسنوات قبل


  115. Masturbinho

    Masturbinhoسنوات قبل

    E93 & old 6 series ftw

  116. Sine Nomine

    Sine Nomineسنوات قبل

    All of them became bloated crap.

  117. DerVonNebenAn

    DerVonNebenAnسنوات قبل

    Gokor m8 competition in black 😍😍😍

  118. mistreku

    mistreku2 سنوات قبل

    now do the M2 comp pack against these, that would be interesting to see.

  119. Max

    Max2 سنوات قبل

    In the roll race, on 1..2...3..go, the m5 and m6 went on 3 and the m4 went on go thats why it took a second longer for it to pull away. An m4 would still lose a bit to the m5 and m6 but it would be closer.

  120. inSAYn

    inSAYn9 أشهر قبل

    M6 still looks so good, way better that all the newer BMWs.

  121. SunnyPlays

    SunnyPlays2 سنوات قبل

    M4 looks so beautiful 😍😍

  122. Leandro Giron

    Leandro Giron3 أشهر قبل

    Hi matt, can you please do this race again because it's 2021 and we need an update on what's to the fastest M badge

  123. Димитър Станчев

    Димитър Станчев3 سنوات قبل

    You should be displaying the engine stats on the screen !

  124. Escalade

    Escalade2 سنوات قبل

    I wonder how M4 GTS would go between these awesome cars..

  125. Ghosty016

    Ghosty0162 سنوات قبل

    Escalade there is no “m4 GTS competition”

  126. Christian Jakob

    Christian Jakob2 سنوات قبل

    I’ll take the M2 over all of them. Especially with the manual gearbox 👌

  127. Rage Fire

    Rage Fire2 سنوات قبل

    ​@Joshua Aguirre the DCT is faster but less fun, Id have the M4 in manual im looking to buy a used one now.

  128. Joshua Aguirre

    Joshua Aguirre2 سنوات قبل

    Christian Jakob would not recommend the manual in any bmw😂 don’t get me wrong manuals are always super fun to screw around in. But I’ve driven both the dct and manual. The manual doesn’t smooth shift feels robotic and honestly ain’t worth it. But I’d 10/10 take an m2 any day so I can 100% agree with you on that

  129. Kweku Twumasi

    Kweku Twumasi10 أشهر قبل

    We need a remake of this video with the new m2 CS m4 m5 and m8.. make it happen 🙏

  130. Apex Beats

    Apex Beatsسنوات قبل

    Matt : I'm aHeAd! M4 : I'm about to end this man's whole career

  131. bbkangs

    bbkangs3 سنوات قبل

    I’d be happy with any of them tbh

  132. Galactic Maui

    Galactic Maui2 سنوات قبل

    Still to this day I can never tell BMWs apart. I just know not to race the ones with the competition stripes.

  133. sizwe nzama

    sizwe nzamaسنوات قبل

    Love that M2 exactly how I want it

  134. The1WithNoName

    The1WithNoName10 أشهر قبل

    As soon as i saw the M2 was manual i knew it was going to get the gap 🤣

  135. 665Thunder

    665Thunder3 سنوات قبل

    The M4 competition pack (as in the video) has been tuned to compete with the Giula Q... otherwise would have been much closer

  136. RSC

    RSC2 سنوات قبل

    The M2 is now equally as fast as the M4 bc they share the same engine

  137. ne0wa

    ne0waسنوات قبل

    For me the M2 was already a winner because of the manual gearbox. Save the manuals!

  138. Track Passion

    Track Passion2 سنوات قبل

    RIP Motortrend, welcome to carwow! Please start making a greatest 1/2 mile drag race to really stick it to those greedy bastards.

  139. Hanief Khan

    Hanief Khanسنوات قبل

    Mat you should do a new bmw M car race including these - bmw m2 - bmw m3 - bmw m4 - bmw m5 - bmw m6 - bmw m8 🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁

  140. Skyl3r07

    Skyl3r07سنوات قبل

    @Graeme Clayton same here M5 is all I will ever want and need in a car

  141. Graeme Clayton

    Graeme Claytonسنوات قبل

    @PYRO_Maks 1989 personally, m5 for me, gotta love a car thats faster than most mid 2000s supercars and you get the whole family in and got on a trip

  142. Ryan McCaffery

    Ryan McCafferyسنوات قبل

    Maksim 1989 I’m personally a fan of the M2

  143. PYRO_Maks 1989

    PYRO_Maks 1989سنوات قبل

    Gehe m8 is the best

  144. Shoni B

    Shoni Bسنوات قبل

    This gen M5 is one of the most beautiful M cars ever

  145. BERN Y

    BERN Y2 سنوات قبل

    I don't care what you say. The M2 is a good car. + it is a 6 speed manual. 🔥

  146. Duncan McKendrick

    Duncan McKendrickسنوات قبل

    This is an unfair test, I have an DCT M2 which has the same 7 speed auto as the M4,5 and 6. If he was using that the M2 would be at least a second faster as it has launch control (like the other M cars) and not rely on Matt's poor gear changes.

  147. Liyema Besengile

    Liyema Besengile4 أشهر قبل

    If the M2 was automatic. It could have been tight between the M5 M6 and M2

  148. Noisy Planet

    Noisy Planetسنوات قبل

    Why does someone always have to have a manual? I also came here for the the M2, those cars look and sound amazing in real life.

  149. StrangerOfficial

    StrangerOfficial3 سنوات قبل

    Would still take a E92 M3 over any of them. Followed by the M2.

  150. Peter Hammer

    Peter Hammer2 سنوات قبل

    I had an E92 M3 but would never change back. I have now a Comp M3 with all possible Performance parts, it actually sounds very good (not as good as the E92 engine wise) and its a lot faster on the track.

  151. Jose Jardim

    Jose Jardim2 سنوات قبل

    No for sure they forgot about Mcoupe e86 I've got one and oh boy does it run 0 to 100 easy 4 sec

  152. Delyma Ejams

    Delyma Ejams2 سنوات قبل

    E46 M3

  153. TSM Atmoz-G

    TSM Atmoz-G3 سنوات قبل

    M3 coupé 2012 is everything

  154. Silus Jackson

    Silus Jackson3 سنوات قبل

    E92 M3 gets left by M140/M240s lol

  155. haque haque

    haque haque2 سنوات قبل

    *M3 has cried a lot in the garage*

  156. Ahmed Akram

    Ahmed Akramسنوات قبل

    The 1M is the old M2

  157. Pablo Iglesias

    Pablo Iglesiasسنوات قبل

    His brothers bullies him too much

  158. akdomun

    akdomunسنوات قبل

    By leaking oil and coolant XD

  159. Bruce Lee

    Bruce Leeسنوات قبل

    M8 cries to

  160. -

    -سنوات قبل

    Rede Verbot u know bmw made an m1 right

  161. Reverend Brown

    Reverend Brown2 سنوات قبل

    Putting a manual derivative of any car that has a DCT option in a drag race with DCT vehicles is ridiculous and gives a false/unfair representation 👎🏻

  162. necroona97

    necroona972 سنوات قبل

    They should do a video where they all race their fastest personal cars🤔

  163. airogames x:DD

    airogames x:DD2 سنوات قبل

    The m4 looks great👑❤👍


    BMW OVER BENZ2 سنوات قبل

    Do a newer version of this. With the new M5, the M3 CS, the M2 Competition, the X5 M, and the M6

  165. Rhinus Breedt

    Rhinus Breedt2 سنوات قبل

    Loved it. I'd drive an M2 or M4 any day!

  166. Zilla Goodwill

    Zilla Goodwill2 سنوات قبل

    M2 looks better than the rest 😍

  167. Jamal Bee

    Jamal Bee2 سنوات قبل

    You can see the excitement on his face. Fun cars.

  168. Yummy 27

    Yummy 273 سنوات قبل

    M3 has left the chat

  169. D D

    D Dسنوات قبل

    Theodore Stanley more to a driving experience then a 0-60 unless you’re just racing between traffic lights.

  170. Theodore Stanley

    Theodore Stanleyسنوات قبل

    Sibtain m3 has a faster 0-60 time than the m4

  171. D D

    D Dسنوات قبل

    iuri lx you clearly don’t know bmw 😂

  172. Gaurav

    Gauravسنوات قبل

    It’s M4 and M8

  173. G Man

    G Manسنوات قبل

    They should re do this with the new m2 competition! It now has the same engine from the M4

  174. vsmith3rd

    vsmith3rd9 أشهر قبل

    The M4 left last, and walked them all with authority.

  175. Knetttah

    Knetttah2 سنوات قبل

    M4😍 my dream car

  176. Pablo

    Pabloسنوات قبل

    Still love the m2 more rhan others ; it has more integrity for me LOL

  177. Balaji Ganesh

    Balaji Ganesh2 سنوات قبل

    How can you compare mcars without having the legendary M3 in the line up?!!

  178. derrek mcfarlane

    derrek mcfarlaneسنوات قبل

    sin bmw probably didn’t have one to lend out for the video

  179. e

    eسنوات قبل

    derrek mcfarlane the m5 and m6 are practically the same, so why did they choose to have the m4 on the lineup but not the m3? smh

  180. derrek mcfarlane

    derrek mcfarlaneسنوات قبل

    SlowSTI there is differences between the two though, it would’ve been fair to have it race also

  181. The1WithNoName

    The1WithNoName2 سنوات قبل

    New M3 is called M4 when in coupe form, The 4dr is called M3

  182. Miller Corner

    Miller Corner4 سنوات قبل

    The M2 might have been the loser, but it's MY winner 😍

  183. Isaac Lujan

    Isaac Lujan3 سنوات قبل

    Cleanest of all of them

  184. CocoRoot TIGERroot

    CocoRoot TIGERroot3 سنوات قبل


  185. Lord Of frog

    Lord Of frog3 سنوات قبل

    agentstarkk Yh for sure

  186. agentstark

    agentstark3 سنوات قبل

    @crasher17 I'd be willing to bet it's also the most fun to drive on anything other than a straight line.

  187. crasher17

    crasher173 سنوات قبل

    Ew0k Masters and most beautiful

  188. Isaac D

    Isaac D3 سنوات قبل

    My personal selection: 1. M2 2. M4 3. M6 4. M5

  189. Nigel Portwood

    Nigel Portwood9 أشهر قبل

    So two s63, vs an s55, and an n55. I coulda told how these were going to turn out. M6 gonna win all day easy

  190. Loping inc.

    Loping inc.2 سنوات قبل

    You timed the m6 at 4.5 sec to 60? That's interesting because this is the facelifted comp pack and bmw says it can do 60 for 3.9 seconds... I know it probably took the BMW guys a million tries to pull it off but what did you do wrong to time it .6 of a second slower? :D

  191. Mitchell Curtis

    Mitchell Curtis3 سنوات قبل

    I find it funny that the m2 is meant to be a small car yet its weighs 50kg more then a m4 thats alot considering the size difference of both cars the m2 looks alot smaller

  192. Louis Robinson

    Louis Robinson4 سنوات قبل

    Spoiler, the bmw won

  193. Liyema Besengile

    Liyema Besengile4 أشهر قبل

    They are all BMWs

  194. Kristjan687

    Kristjan6876 أشهر قبل

    yeah fuck BMW, BMW is better

  195. Alex Lyon

    Alex Lyon9 أشهر قبل

    You know what, fuck you man, not cool

  196. Shkelqim Spahiu

    Shkelqim Spahiuسنوات قبل

    First time bmw won beacuse it raced against other bmw

  197. IX Gaming

    IX Gamingسنوات قبل

    I make video for racing games such as Forza Horizon 4 😀👈👈👈🔥🔥😄👌😁

  198. Devon McIntyre

    Devon McIntyre2 سنوات قبل

    Legend has it that the M3 had the camera team following

  199. Chris D

    Chris Dسنوات قبل

    How do you get such bad times in the f10 m5? Or any m5 for that matter. Get it on mdm and suspension set to comfort. It should have left everything apart from the M6 standing.

  200. Lunakai_

    Lunakai_2 سنوات قبل

    M2 is the best. Perfect size/weight. Nuff said

  201. sonnyblack0870

    sonnyblack0870سنوات قبل

    So the M6 which weighs less than the M5 with the same engine loses to the M5? How’s that work?

  202. Rider Singh

    Rider Singhسنوات قبل

    The M2 from front looks the best of all

  203. Nicolas Kumhofer

    Nicolas Kumhoferسنوات قبل

    Makes no sense at all. I just reviewed this video again, and noticed that the m4 shouldnt have won at all. Just google for "m4 vs 650i" and youll see a video by autotopnl where he compares the acceleration of both cars. Where the 650 is just slightly slower. So the m6 should slay this m4. Depends on the models tho. If it is a m4 comp and a normal m6 the difference wont be that huge

  204. Themajesticman 2105

    Themajesticman 2105سنوات قبل

    I don’t know what I’d have out of the m5 or m6

  205. C Y R A X

    C Y R A Xسنوات قبل

    M4 is damn good ⚡

  206. Bernardo Santos

    Bernardo Santos4 سنوات قبل

    I bet whatever you want that that little manual M2 is the most fun out of all 4.